Actress Naya Rivera Missing At A California Lake; Presumed Drowned

Glee actress Naya Rivera declared missing after authorities found her four year old son was found alone in a boat, with Naya nowhere in sight.

Naya Rivera rented a boat on Wednesday, July 8, in the hopes to spend a nice day on the lake with her son Josey. Around three hours into their outing, other boaters noticed the boat drifting. On the drifting boat was Naya’s 4-year-old son, sleeping alone. Authorities began an extensive search effort, however they were unable to find her. As of this morning, she remains missing, however the search efforts were set to resume at first light on Thursday. Search efforts included a dive team and an air search team. Authorities speculate this could be an accidental drowning.

Naya Rivera and her son
Naya Rivera and her son

While Josey had his life vest on, an adult life vest was found in the boat, suggesting Naya went without. This fact and her son’s statement corroborate the drowning theory. Her son states the two went swimming, but his mom never got back on the boat. The child is unharmed and was peacefully sleeping when found. People are commenting on forums that Lake Piru is known to be rocky and drastically shallow or deep in certain areas. Not much is known at this time, except for we all hope Naya is safe and will be reunited with her son soon.

Hollywood Responds

Naya most notably spend six seasons portraying Santana Lopez on Glee. While she wasn’t always the lead of every episode, her musical numbers are some of my favorites. She’s a controversial character, who made a lot of bad choices, however her story arch is one of redemption and I always liked Santana. Former Glee costars are asking fans everywhere to pray for Naya’s safe return. Harry Shaum Jr. tweeted “Praying” and Heather Morris also spoke out on Twitter.

“We need all the prayers we can get to bring our Naya back home to us. We need your love and light.”

Heather Morris via Instagram

Naya also appeared in the CBS sitcom The Royal Family, her first television role, and in the film The Master of Disguise. She landed her role in The Royal Family at just 4 years old. Her costar from the show, Jackée Harry, spoke out asking for prayers and pleading with God not to cut her life short. She also posted a video of Naya on The Royal Family, in a scene the two shared together. Other stars, like housewives Bethenny Frankel and Garcelle Beauvais and actors Justin Baldoni and Vanessa Lengies also spoke out.

Jackée Harry’s tweet

Wrap Up

I hope the search and rescue teams are successful in their efforts today. I don’t know what else there is to say in this situation.

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