Joyce is the alter ego of a very quiet, yet very opinionated girl who is obsessed with all things entertainment.

Through Joyce, she is given the freedom to express all the opinions she never would have as Lori.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been called nosy. I don’t know you would feel, but being described as nosy didn’t sit well with me. However, no matter how hard I tried to suppress my urge to eavesdrop, I always found myself listening in on conversations going on half way across the room. It wasn’t until someone told me that I was not in fact nosy, just curious about life, did I start to think of my need to know everything about everyone’s business, as a good thing.

Naturally, the next step was to formally become a journalism major. Sure, people still tend to get annoyed at my incessant questioning, but now I can just blame it on my natural curiosity and my journalistic mind. After taking what seemed like 100 writing classes, and having the AP Style Book imprinted in my brain, I decided hard news was not my thing. My passion has always been learning about the personal lives of anyone that is not me and that passion can only be satisfied through one avenue of the profession. I have watched enough E! News and read enough People Magazine issues to know that what I really want to do is write entertainment news.

The pop culture scandals, relationships, weddings, breakups give me purpose and meaning in life. I’m always waiting for the next E! News notification to pop up on my phone.

I decided to start this blog because, although I have a job in a newsroom and I write for my school newspaper, I feel like I need an outlet to stray from the traditional writing restrictions I’ve been forced to adhere to all these years. Also I spend my days writing about small town news that quite frankly I am not very interested in. This is my space to write about things I’m passionate about and maybe admit to some unpopular opinions.

Alright, lets do this. Get ready cause I have a lot to say.

– Lori Bashian