2020 Emmys Winners List; Were My Predictions Correct

The 2020 Emmys are officially over and I don’t really know how to feel. They were quite different this year, and although I know this was the only option, I wasn’t really into it.

The 2020 Emmys were a socially distant one, and while I appreciate the effort, I feel, the spark was missing. I don’t know if the jokes just weren’t funny, or it only felt that way because there was no audience. They all fell flat for me. Also, my favorite part of any award show, is seeing the celebrities interact with one another. I got none of that last night. These at home speeches felt really awkward, especially when there were connectivity issues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy I got to watch an awards show, I just wish it didn’t have to be this way. Anyways, let’s get to the winners, and whether or not my predictions were correct!

Every Award In The Comedy Category

2020 Emmys winners. The Schitt's Creek cast.

At some point, I started to feel bad for everyone else nominated for an award in the comedy category. Schitt’s Creek swept the category, and might I say, rightfully so. Daniel Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy and Annie Murphy won for their perfect acting in season six. Dan won for writing and directing. Lastly, the show won best comedy. I could not have asked for a more perfect outcome. In my predictions, I hoped Eugene would win, but wasn’t sure so I was wrong there.

I also was wrong when it comes to Catherine’s win. She was in my top two, but I had Christina Applegate winning. While I’m sad for Christina, I have never been happier to be wrong, because Catherine’s Moira, is my spirit animal. Also, can I add, watching Dan Levy watch his dad accept his award was the most heartwarming things I have seen all year.

Limited Series Category

I am going to start off by patting myself on the back for correctly predicting Mark Ruffalo’s win. The one guess I made in these predictions turned out to be correct. He was as shocked as I was. Let me also add, he gave a great speech which spoke to what I think everyone has been feeling and wanting to say. Best actress did not go my way. I really wanted Shira Haas to win for Unorthodox, but Regina King won for Watchmen. Regina is very deserving of the award, so I’m happy she won. I just wanted someone new to win and have their moment. Just as Regina King deserved to win, so did Watchmen, and that’s exactly what happened. I went into this pretty much knowing both she and she show were going to win so no surprises here.

Drama Category

I went for the safe choice when it came to best actor and that proved to bite me in the ass. This just proves to never stick with the safe option! Sterling K. Brown, did not win best actor, Jeremy Strong from Succession did. Succession also won best drama series. I haven’t seen Succession so I have no opinion. My favorite thing to happen tonight, is Zendaya winning best actress for portraying Rue in Euphoria.

She is literal perfection as Rue. She should feel really good about herself tonight, because she beat out some heavy hitters who gave great performances and have been in this business forever. I predicted Zendaya to win so I’m extra happy. She has also made history tonight as the youngest woman to win an Emmy in this category. I’m just obsessed with her and am so happy she won.

Supporting Actors

While I didn’t make predictions for supporting actors, they were also given awards. I already mentioned, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy won for comedy, so that happened. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II won for his work in Watchmen, which I have not seen yet, and will start watching tomorrow. Uzo Aduba won for playing Shirley Chisholm in Mrs. America. I love Uzo Aduba and love this for her. Her reaction and celebration with her mom was the cutest ever. Billy Krudup won for The Morning Show, which I also haven’t seen and really want to watch. Lastly, Julia Garner won for playing Ruth Langmore in Ozark. I’m just going to say it and let it be known, she is without a doubt, the best part of Ozark. She deserves this win more than anyone else in the Ozark cast. I’m so happy she won!


We went from no host last year, to Jimmy Kimmel hosting to an empty arena. I know I started off a little negative, saying nothing worked, but it wasn’t all that bad. Jimmy did a great job under the circumstances and I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest job. He was basically the only person we saw the whole time besides the winners, and I can imagine that’s a lot of pressure. He handled it great though. We got to see him and Jennifer Aniston put out a fire that he started, which was cool I guess. We also got a mini friends reunion when Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox showed up on Aniston’s zoom screen. Boy did that put a smile on my face. Anytime they get together, I’m happy.

These Emmys also felt a little more personal. I know I said the speeches felt awkward, and while I stand by that statement, I liked the intimacy it provided. I loved being able to see inside these actor’s homes and seeing their family’s react to their wins. It really made me feel like I was sitting at home watching with them. Plus, I’m really nosy and love to see how the other half lives and how they choose to decorate their homes. I want all of them to give me house tours.

Anyways, it was entertaining and although it was three hours long, seemed to go by fast. Hopefully next year we can have this award show in person. Hopefully we can have the next award show in general in person. Is that just wishful thinking?

What did you think of the 2020 Emmys? Did you like the socially distanced platform? Did your predictions come true? Let me know in the comments!

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