Aunt Becky and Lynette Scavo Arrested?

Fans of Desperate Housewives and both Full House and Fuller House were in for a huge shock this morning, when two stars from the shows were arrested for felony charges.

Felicity Huffman, who most notably played Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives for nine seasons, and Lori Loughlin, who plays Aunt Becky on Fuller House, were indicted on felony charges of conspiring to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud this morning, Tuesday, March 12. Essentially what they did was bribe college administrations and coaches, or pay SAT proctors to ensure their children got into high profile Ivy League universities. Loughlin allegedly paid a USC coach $500,000 to falsify athletic records for her two daughters, making it seem as if they were applying to be on the rowing team. The coach then presented the admissions board with these records making it easier and/or ensuring the girls were accepted into the school. What Huffman allegedly did was pay $15,000 for an SAT proctor to either take the test for her child or to correct her daughter’s answers after the fact. She did this for her oldest daughter and almost did it again, but changed her mind. A warrant went out for the arrest of both these women and Huffman spent a majority of Tuesday in police custody but was released on $250,000 bail. Loughlin managed to stay out of custody, having been overseas filming a movie but her husband, designer Massimo Giannuli, was held and later released on 1 million dollar bond.

The list of 13 people indicted this morning include coaches, exam proctors and the ringleader, a supposed owner of a nonprofit education group. Sacramento native, William Rick Singer, would take bribes from these parents and then funnel the money to coaches or exam administrators. Sometimes the amount parents would give would be as high as $6 million. Singer used the guise of a nonprofit so it would seem as if these parents were simply donating to a foundation they believe in. This also brings up potential crimes involving their taxes. In Huffman’s case, her daughter was given twice as much time as the average student to take the test and her answers were then corrected by her proctor after she completed it. There are recorded phone conversations between Huffman and an FBI investigator and emails from Loughlin which the prosecutors are using to prove their cases against them.

After reading this in the morning, I was really angry and shocked. These are two actresses that I have been a fan of for a really long time and I just completely lost all respect for them. Out of all the people in Hollywood, these two are the last ones I expected this from. Besides shocked, I am extremely angry. I cannot help but think of all the students who worked their asses off to make the grades good enough to go to these schools but didn’t get in because of kids whose parents bought their way in. If your kid isn’t smart enough to get into these schools on their own, then maybe they shouldn’t be in these schools to begin with. Hire a tutor and send them to SAT prep classes but don’t pay someone else to take the test for them. That’s just disgusting and an awful lesson to teach your kid. I hope they realize they aren’t doing their children any favors by paying their way through life and ridding their life of all obstacles. I literally get so mad just thinking about it.

Luoghlin’s youngest daughter, Olivia Jade, currently a freshman at USC, is under a lot of scrutiny because of a comment she made about her college goals in a YouTube video. A while back she said she didn’t know how long she was actually going to be in school, and that that the only reason she wanted to even be in school was to experience game days and college parties. She also said college was more something her parents wanted for her and she really wanted to expand her YouTube channel, makeup deals with Sephora and also work on acting. That’s a privileged statement to begin with, but after hearing that she probably doesn’t even belong at USC, it is extra infuriating. Not only did she unfairly take someone’s spot, but she doesn’t even want to be there. She doesn’t care about her education and just wants to party it up. Anyways, I’m sure these aren’t the only two celebrities to have done this and that more names will soon be released soon.

I’ll keep you all posted with any updates on this case.

2 thoughts on “Aunt Becky and Lynette Scavo Arrested?”

  1. Yeah this is a terrible scandal.
    I wonder where the line is to be drawn for people of privilege. Does a powerful family like the Kennedys mean you should automatically get into schools like Harvard and Yale? When you look at the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s record, it seems like there was someone in the background pulling strings for him. How often does that special behind the scenes treatment occur today.
    My youngest will be taking the ACT soon. It is mind boggling that someone would pay someone to take the test for them. It seemed to me in registering my kid for the ACT that there are supposed to be ways of preventing this…..but apparently not.


    1. I am still very shocked but I am not convinced that this is the only case where something like this has happened. It’s the same system that allows legacy students in instead of others who probably deserve it more. I’ve heard of students themselves hiring other students to take the test for them but his is a whole new can of worms. Best of luck to your youngest on his test!

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