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Taylor Lautner Too Busy To Star In New ‘Sharkboy and Lavagirl’ Sequel?

Taylor Lautner isn't reprising his role of Sharkboy in the upcoming Netflix sequel to the iconic 2007 movie "Sharkboy and ...
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Taylor Swift Masters Sold Once Again Without Her Consent

The Taylor Swift drama with Scooter Braun is once again proving to be never ending, after Scooter sells his record ...
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Why Is Taylor Is Free Trending And What Exactly Is She Free From

Taylor Is Free is trending all over the internet because she can finally go back and rerecord her old music ...
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Saved By The Bell Reboot Releases New Trailer; Are We Excited?

The Saved By The Bell reboot trailer dropped this morning, featuring a majority of the original cast, alongside a bunch ...
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Oscar Isaac In Talks To Star In Upcoming Disney + Series ‘Moon Knight’

Oscar Isaac in talks to star in "Moon Knight," Disney Plus's latest series based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Moon ...
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The Bachelorette Premieres Tonight and Clare Brings the Drama

The Bachelorette premieres tonight and fans are expecting a season like nothing we have ever seen before. From the looks ...
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