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Adele Drops Her Album ’30’ and We’re All In a Depression Now

Adele released her newest album this morning and successfully depressed the whole world. I listened to all the songs so ...
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Image of Dorit Kemsley who was robbed.

Dorit Kemsley Robbed At Gunpoint In Her Encino Home

Dorit Kemsley robbed at gunpoint by three men while home alone with her two young children at her home in ...
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What is Going on with The Real Housewives of New York City?

The future of The Real Housewives of New York City is seriously in question, as ratings drop, rumors of a ...
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Britney Spears Speaks Out About Her Conservatorship for the First Time

Britney Spears spoke out in court about her conservatorship for the first time since 2008 when she was first placed ...
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Biggest Real Housewives Scandals of the Past Year

Everyone loves watching the Real Housewives for the on camera drama, but nothing is better than when the housewives' personal ...
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Trisha Paytas Leaves ‘Frenemies’ Podcast After Blowup with Ethan Klein

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein had yet another fight on their "Frenemies" podcast, ultimately leading to Trisha leaving the podcast ...
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