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Golden Globe Awards Television Nominations Predictions

The nominees for the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced yesterday morning and I am so excited for 2020 ...
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Golden Globe Nominations are Out and I Have Some Opinions

The Golden Globe nominations have been announced and I have a lot of opinions on all the snubs and surprises ...
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Disney Plus is Here and my Inner Child Could Not be Happier

Disney Plus opened up for streaming this week and millenials everywhere are reliving their childhoods with their favorite shows and ...
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Filmmakers Announce Plans to CGI James Dean Into New Film, Good Idea?

You know technology has come a long way when you wake up and hear that a CGI James Dean will ...
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Selena Gomez Drops New Music, Is the Song About Justin?

Selena Gomez dropped new music for the first time in nearly five years, and fans have been quick to speculate ...
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Are the Jonas Brothers Officially the Best Band Ever?

Last night was the best night of my life and the Jonas Brothers are the reason why. My eleven year ...
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“Ever since I can remember, I have always been called nosy. The pop culture scandals, relationships, weddings, breakups… they give me purpose. I’m always waiting for the next E! News notification to pop up on my phone.

Joyce was founded as a space to write about things I’m passionate about and maybe admit to some unpopular opinions…

So, lets do this. Get ready, because Joyce has a lot to say.”

– Lori Bashian



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