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Rihanna Finally Has New Music; Is It What Fans Wanted

Rihanna has made her official return to music today, something fans have been asking for for years, but is this ...
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Coronavirus Arrived and Turned the Entertainment Industry Upside Down

The Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and is effecting all aspects of the entertainment industry whether it be ...
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Image of Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty on Two Counts of Rape

Harvey Weinstein, the defamed movie producer whose downfall sparked the MeToo movement, has been found guilty of the rape of ...
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Oscars 2020 Biggest Winners and Best Moments of the Night

Oscars 2020 has come and gone and the night was packed with big, hilarious and heartwarming moments we will never ...
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Kobe Bryant, Legendary Basketball Player, Dead At 41

Legendary basketball star Kobe Bryant died Sunday morning due to a helicopter crash, along with his 13 year old daughter ...
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Hiding Under a Rock All Weekend, No Fear Your Weekend Update is Here

The weekend update is here for all of you who were too busy to keep up with all the latest ...
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“Ever since I can remember, I have always been called nosy. The pop culture scandals, relationships, weddings, breakups… they give me purpose. I’m always waiting for the next E! News notification to pop up on my phone.

Joyce was founded as a space to write about things I’m passionate about and maybe admit to some unpopular opinions…

So, lets do this. Get ready, because Joyce has a lot to say.”

– Lori Bashian



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