Lisa Vanderpump Is Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The crown is heavy darling, so just leave it where it belongs.

Over the soon to be nine seasons in which Lisa Vanderpump has been a part of the Beverly Hills franchise of the Real Housewives reality series, she has provided us with many amazing taglines and quotes, but her time is officially up. It was announced Thursday morning that Vanderpump will not return to be a housewife after the upcoming ninth season. I am absolutely crushed. Lisa was one of two original Beverly Hills housewives left, and quite frankly was the unspoken ruler of the group of women. I loved her, even though she couldn’t really ever admit when she had done something wrong or even apologize when she hurt someones feelings, she was a boss and always had something to say. Many people think of her as their favorite housewife, and although Bethenny Frankel will always hold that spot in my rankings, Vanderpump was pretty high up there and I will miss seeing her on my screen. At least I have this last season and her other ultra successful bravo reality show, Vanderpump Rules, to watch and get my Lisa fix.

The news of her departure is not really all that surprising for anyone who has been hearing all the rumors swirling around her interactions with cast members while filming season nine. The rumors, which have all but been confirmed with the news of her departure, are that since the start of filming, she has been refusing to film with the cast in group settings and has rarely shown up to events where she will likely be filmed. Anyone who watches the show knows that the whole point of the show is to follow these ladies around as they go to these different events together and watch as drama unfolds. The drama on these Real Housewives shows can get super intense. I mean, we basically watched Kyle Richards and sister Kim’s relationship disintegrate in season one, when Kyle called her sister out for being an alcoholic, which led to the iconic season one reunion where they fought about a dog bite. Then we saw them make up in later seasons, only to have the whole relationship fall apart due to everyone’s favorite housewife to hate, Brandi Glanville. Don’t worry they made up again, what a roller coaster that whole thing was. Oh and how can we forget the domestic abuse, suicide story line, like this show was not afraid to go there. While Vanderpump never had any dramatic story line of this magnitude, her biggest dramatic moment was when Brandi slapped her, she always had something to say about what was going on and didn’t shy away from taking sides.

It will definitely be a different experience watching the show without her but I don’t think her departure will really negatively impact the show’s success. It will all be determined I think by the success of season nine. Since she barely participated in group activities this season, even opting out of going on a trip to France with the other ladies, she probably isn’t going to be a big part of the drama. Or on the other hand, her absence might be the only thing the other women talk about. The shows success depends on how involved in the drama she is, the amount of episodes she’s actually in and her reason for cutting off the other ladies. If the first scenario is what ends up happening and she contributed nothing to the show, and the season still does well, then it will be fine once she is gone, but if the season is not received well due to her absence then the future of the show is questionable. The same can be said for the second scenario, because even though she is not actively participating, she is still the driving force behind the topic of conversation. I think most likely the season will look something like the second scenario, because in recent seasons the cast has had issues with what they considered manipulative behavior from Vanderpump and have had no problem talking behind her back about it. I also think this is what drove Vanderpump to stop filming and to eventually leave the show.

I would hate to be Andy Cohen right now because fans are outraged she has quit and many have come out saying they will no longer watch the Beverly Hills edition of the show. Vanderpump was a fan favorite and has been a part of the show since the beginning. Many people, me included, have considered her relationship with Kyle Richards to be friendship goals, and let’s face it, it’s probably the most enduring friendship from all the franchises. I’m really hoping that friendship stayed intact while all the other ones fell apart. Let’s be real though, Lisa is going to be fine. She has her many restaurants, her other show Vanderpump Rules, her dog rescue center Vanderpump Dogs and a huge army of loyal fans who will support her no matter what new project she’ll eventually introduce. Whoever Andy Cohen picks to replace her next season has some big shoes to fill.


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