Felicity Huffman Sentenced In College Admission Scandal Case

The day everyone has been waiting for with baited breath has finally arrived… Felicity Huffman has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal case.

The first parent to participate in the college admissions scandal was sentenced this afternoon in a Boston courtroom. Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison, one year of supervised release, 250 hours of community service and has been ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 for her part in the college admissions scandal. Earlier in the month, it was announced that prosecutors were recommending Huffman serve one month in prison and pay a much heftier fine. On the flip side, her defense attorneys suggested no jail time and instead have her on probation for a year. The judge had his own ideas and handed Huffman the sentence he deemed most fair.

I have been a supported of Felicity throughout this entire process. Unlike Lori Loughlin, Felicity came out apologetic right out of the gate and stated multiple times in a sincere manner, just how remorseful she feels about her actions. More recently she wrote a letter to the judge explaining her reasons for doing what she did. While reading this letter, not once did I feel she was coming up with excuses or trying to justify what she did as being right, she simply told us what her intentions were at the time. I don’t have a child with a learning disability, and I probably would not do what she did, but it puts her actions into context. I think she played this whole thing the exact right way.

Personally, I thought one month was even a little excessive. On the other hand, I think 14 days is a little bit of a joke. If the point of jail is to learn from your mistakes then the person should be in there for longer than a month. What can anyone learn in one month? I actually think she has already learned her lesson. We can’t forget that Huffman only did it once and was unable to go through with it for her second daughter. That already shows that she knows what she did is wrong in my opinion. It really shows just how much remorse she actually feels. In court today she reiterated how sorry she was to her daughter and to everyone else affected. I think probation or house arrest would have been enough of a punishment, in her case. Lori is a different story though. What I think doesn’t matter though, only the judges.

So what does Huffman’s sentence really mean for Lori Loughlin and husband Massimo? The differences between the crimes the crimes Loughlin and Huffman committed is Felicity’s crime revolved mostly around money. I am way more angry at the fact that Loughlin’s crime took spots away from student athletes. That is also a bigger crime. Also the fact that Massimo and Lori did not decide to take the plea when they could have, more charges were added to their indictment and therefore more potential jail time. The way they have been presenting themselves may also play a role in swaying the judges opinion because their image is not the best at the moment.

Anyways, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Lori and Massimo, but Felicity can now rest easy knowing she only has to serve 14 days. That ain’t nothing. She starts her 14 days in prison on October 25. Also it was great to see her husband William H. Macy sticking by her side throughout this entire mess.

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