Did We Really Want A Third ‘Sex and the City’

No Mr. Big and a possible affair with a teenage boy? I think we can all agree a third “Sex and the City” movie is not what anyone wants.

Let us start with some context. In early 2018, Sex and the City fans were given a faint glimmer of hope of a possible third movie and were overjoyed. That joy however quickly faded and was replaced with despair when Kim Cattrall shattered everyone’s dreams by refusing to participate. As if that wasn’t enough Cattrall also dissolved the illusion that the four ladies were as close in real life as Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha by saying her entire experience filming the show was negative and that Sarah Jessica Parker is a mean girl. As a newcomer to the shows fandom, I was crushed. I tried to ignore the statements she made and kept the image of the fierce four I knew and loved in my head and told myself Kim Cattrall was simply being dramatic. At that point we had no actual evidence that there was any actual bad blood. I couldn’t even keep that facade up for more than a few weeks before Cattrall gave us evidence. After her brother died in early 2018 SJP tweeted her condolences to Cattrall and received quite the response in return. Cattrall fired back on Instagram stating, “your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend.” She then accused SJP of exploiting the death of her brother to restore her good girl image, and thus killing everyone’s hope of ever getting a third movie.

Almost a year has gone by and it’s pretty clear that a third movie is not going to be made, despite die hard fans calling for writers to simply kill off Samantha. It would make sense since she is the one out of the four that had cancer during the shows run. Anyways, we have all accepted that we will never see these four ladies on screen together again and have come to terms with it. Part of what has helped us recently in the grieving process is the bits of information regarding the intended story lines for the movie. First they revealed that the love of Carrie Bradshaw’s life Mr. Big was going to die. It is unclear at what point in the movie he was supposed to pass on but whether it be in the beginning, middle or end, it would have been a terrible decision. For the entirety of the original series’ run, we saw Carrie jump from man to man, it never working out and her always finding her way back to Big. Theirs is the epic love story of the show and it is clear that there is no one else out there for Carrie. If this movie was supposed to be about her losing her great love and the four ladies coming together to help her grieve, then that would work, but if it was about her trying to find love again, it wouldn’t. No matter what people say the show was about girl power and the great things that can come from women supporting each other and the amazing friendships we can have with one another. Helping Carrie would be in line with this message and be a great movie. Carrie navigating her way towards finding a new love, after the original series and two movies have made it clear she can’t seem to make it work with any other man except Big, would not be a great movie.

The second bit of information they released was that Samantha’s character would have an affair with Brady, the teenage son of Cynthia Nixon’s character, and Samantha’s best friend, Miranda. It’s true that Samantha was definitely the most sex obsessed character in the foursome but it is a huge leap to assume she would go this far. Even if she would, that is not necessarily something fans would want to see. There are certain lines that can’t be crossed in friendships and sexting with your friend’s teenage son is definitely one of them. The reason so many people love this show is because of the close bond shared between these four women. For Samantha to do something that would effectively end her friendship with Miranda and cause many other conflicts, would make the movie not enjoyable to watch. Not only would their friendship be ruined but the side effects would ripple into their friendships with Carrie and Charlotte, causing them to choose sides and the whole thing would just not be fun. Samantha has proven herself to be desperate in the past, but I don’t think she would go this far and the whole thing just seems like a conversation starter rather than an actual thought out plot point. If this was the script Kim Cattrall was given, it isn’t that surprising anymore to hear that she turned it down.

Who know, maybe there is more to these story lines, and we’re only getting a snippet with a lot of important details left out. Either way, both of these are reason enough to support Kim Cattrall’s campaign to prevent this movie from being made. Let me know what you think.

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