Ariana Grande’s Diss Track

Pete Davidson, um thank you but next.

Ariana Grande has proven herself to be the queen of pettiness and I am so here for it. Her new song “Thank U, Next” is all about her famous exes and her moving on from them. Not only does she call out her most recent famous exes, but she released the song on a pretty significant day. Although she claims the song is not meant to be a diss track, we can all see through that statement. She talks about how in the future she’s going to get married and how that relationship will last and how her other exes taught her patience and love while Pete only taught her pain. I don’t understand why she’s trying to cover up the petty, cause I know I’m so here for petty Ariana and I’m sure other people are too.

Here is how I know she’s lying and the song is actually a diss track. First of all, she teased the release of the song in a tweet which was also insulting her most recent ex, Pete Davidson. She called him out for using their breakup as a way to stay relevant, because lets face it, who actually knew who Pete Davidson was before he started dating Ariana. He knows he’s irrelevant without her more than anyone, which is why he can’t keep her out of his mouth. Most recently, during a promo for last Saturday’s SNL episode, Davidson made a joke in which he proposed to the female musical guest for that week. When she said no he looked at the camera and said “0 for 3.” Ariana was right to call him out on it tweeting, “for somebody who hates relevancy you sure love clinging to it huh?” followed by a tweet reading “thank u, next.” Honestly good for her, he was kind of being really annoying and I could see how she would get sick of constantly hearing him talk about her on SNL or during his other stand up acts.

The second reason I know she was being shady is because she released the song on Saturday, just before the start of this weeks episode of SNL. When has a single ever been released on a Saturday night? I could be wrong, but isn’t new music always released on a Friday? It worked though, because instead of putting on a skit in which supposedly all he does is bash Ariana, he complemented her and said nothing but kind words about her during the Weekend Update segment. The third reason is because, she recently announced that her exes were sent the song prior to it being released. She said that Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez, the other exes mentioned in the song, were given the courtesy of hearing the song prior to its release, but she made no mention of Pete Davidson being given that courtesy. She can’t say that and then turn around and say she isn’t trying to diss Pete. Own your petty ways Ariana, we love you for it.

One of the reasons this week in particular was a bad week to make that joke, was because this was the week the Mac Miller tribute concert was set to take place. Ariana had been in Los Angeles all week, hanging out with Miller’s family, taking care of his dog and wearing clothes that once belonged to him. Obviously it is a hard time for her so to make a joke about a relationship she clearly does not care about anymore, was in poor taste. It makes it even worse  to know that a sketch about her, painting her in a negative way, was planned. Thank goodness he had the common sense to scrap that.

Besides dissing her exes, mostly Pete Davidson, the song also paid tribute to Mac Miller. One lyric reads, “wish I could say, ‘Thank You’ to Malcolm/ ’cause he was an angel.” She really loved him and my heart breaks for her. That being said, that is probably the only touching part of the song though. After listening to the whole song, I actually didn’t really like it that much and probably won’t listen to it again, but I can get behind the message. Stay petty Ariana!

P.s. so happy she got to keep the pig.

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